Our Story is no Different than the thousands of hardworking Craftsmen all around the world that are shaping the raw leather into a unique product!

We are team of leather enthusiasts based in the World’s Leather Hub “Sialkot, Pakistan”. Not a multimillion dollar brand but what we do have is a genuine and endless passion for crafting the leather to the finest quality Jackets and Shoes.

Every item we product has a piece of Passion, Love & Soul from Craftsmanship.

The happiness a Craftsman earn through process of creation and by delighting it’s consumer, has no comparison. Honesty, Hard Work, Quality, and Customer Happiness are the values we live by!

We specialize in Custom Made to Order Handmade Leather Jackets & Shoes where personalization options are endless. We believe you should never settle for anything less than perfect.

Each and every item is proudly produced in Pakistan. Pakistan has been the home of world class leather craftsmanship for 50+ years.

This is how we craft your lovely ideas to a real masterpiece!


We make our jackets & shoes from scratch. Woven rolls of wool, cotton, denim and other fabrics meet up with cowhides, lambskin and sheepskin to bring out the best quality Leather.


Raw leather is then processed to prepare it for patterns so they could be moved to the next phase of cutting and stitching.


Before we cut a leather hide, we take immense care in selecting every hide for each jacket and shoes. We have skilled leather craftsmen with years of experience who make sure that every part of every jacket & shoes is cut from a hide that matches in color, grain, & texture.


This way we make sure that our shoes and jackets stand out with a full class of color, texture and quality of grain leather.



The leathers and fabrics are cut using expertly made patterns to ensure quality and consistency with all of our products. The fabrics can be cut in a stack using printed patterns on paper, but the raw leather hides are cut by hand one piece at a time using heavy laser-cut plastic patterns.


This phase undergoes an incredible care to make sure that each pattern is fully accurate in measurements because this is the only way to jackets and shoes perfectly fit.



Leather cutting is an incredibly complex art form using just a razor blade. The hides are crafted one at a time by highly trained cutters with years of experience.

They do it religiously because no mistake is affordable at this phase for the accurate measurements.

The cutters know the variations of the strength of the skin on each area of the hide so they can cut each piece precisely to maximize quality, remove imperfections, and yield the least waste.



The front and back of the jackets are made independently, then both parts of the outer shell are sewn together, still inside-out, and then the jacket is flipped right-side-out usually through a small hole in the sleeve or waist. Same goes for the shoes, each part is stitched independently.


Next up, details like top stitching, sewing the jacket & shoes around all sides to give a crisp clean edge. Like every step so far, this is highly detailed work focusing on quality and durability, ensuring your jacket & shoes will last for years to come.



One last step, and the most important one for every single product is final inspection. If everything on the product meets our high quality standards, it’s then tagged, individually numbered, and is finally ready to meet you.


We perform this phase being you, the customer who will be using the product. So no way to have any flaw left in the product before final packaging and shipping phase.



The product is all ready, after a brief stay in the packaging phase, the product will make the trip to courier office, flights & airports around the globe and finally arrive to your front door!


It’s a long journey, and one that we do hundreds of times a day here at our production, for over many years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.